Saturday, June 11, 2016

Amazing Nylon-string Acoustic-electric!

Just to update this, I've returned it and replaced it with a little more substantial guitar. This one was pleasant to play but the sound was uneven across the full range. When plugged in some of the strings were substantially louder than others. I believe the problem is that the pickup under the saddle was designed for a narrower string spread. That's why you shop at reputable dealers with great return policies.

My new guitar for fiddling around is slightly smaller and far more slender than a typical classical guitar, Ibanez's GA35TCE is really a pop nylon-string acoustic-electric. The back and sides made from mahogany and a solid spruce top balances gives it deep and rich low end with an even balance tones at the other end.  My favorite guitars have been spruce and mahogany. 

I bought it to play on the couch while watching tv but it has a very natural feel. The body is very thin, not like a classical at all. All though it looks normal its actually smaller than most classics. Its a tiny bit bigger than a Les Paul.

It has a sweet tone and is very easy on the shoulder and fingers.