Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alternate Directions To Oconomowoc

From Juli Garton:

Just a friendly reminder that our class tonight begins at 5:00 PM which is 15 minute earlier and will end at 9:00 PM.

Meet in room 213 of the Oconomowoc High School, 641 Forest Hill Rd.

Below is an alternative for folks traveling West from Milwaukee if I-94 is closed at Delafield.

Take I-94 and at Pewaukee
Exit Hwy 16
Take Hwy 16 towards Oconomowoc
Before the construction Exit Hwy 67 South (not North)
You will go over Hwy 16 and immediately turn RIGHT after the bridge on Armour Rd *
Turn left onto Summit
Turn right onto Forest Hill Rd – see sign for high school
Left onto Stadium Drive

Drive past the entrance which is near the Gymnasium and PARK please.

Room 213 is on the second floor and on the East side of the school. We took the elevator, but you can take the stairs that require you to walk up and then down ½ a flight to get to room 213. I will be on hand to help you find the room.

High School staff warned me that the lab gets warm with all the computers turned on, but today I would expect it to be comfortable based on the nice weather.

The trip from Madison may take a little more time – I understand that I-94 is closed. Last Saturday, Hwy 18 was also closed in one place, Hwy B and Hwy 16 had closures. Good luck on your drive.

* If you go to far and miss Armour – you will turn right at Summit and then left at Forest Hill and left at Stadium Dr.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Class 4 - Resources

Here is a Presentation on CSS

Basic Style Demonstration files:

  1. Simple Style Sheets (Internal and External)
  2. Styles using Simple Tables
  3. Boxes and Heading (Not used in class)

CSS in Blogs?

Here is a normal large Heading:

Here it is with style!

The normal Code:
<div align="center"><em><strong><span >Here is a normal large Heading:</span></strong></em></div>

The Styled Code:
<div style = "border:thick black solid; background-color:silver;text-align:center;padding: 10px; font-size:280%;"><em><strong>Here it is with style!</strong></em></div>

The Main problem is that each time you view the preview or post, blogger changes the code to "their"standard. It looks the same but may be more complicated.

Thanks to Ben Suter for the character converter. Check out his other tools.