Thursday, July 12, 2007

Office Suite for Educators - July 16- 20, 2007

This Blog will allow you to explore resources and to quickly and easily retrieve files and materials that will help you succeed in this course. Please feel free to use this resource during the class and after it is over.

Office Lesson Plans:

Searching for lesson plans on the web is pretty easy. Just use Google-advanced search. Put Lesson plan in the exact phrase box and Excel in the include box. You will find a treasure trove of plans that will make teaching easier and more productive.

Here is a short list of sites that have lesson plans using Excel:

Office Applications Online - Free

There are office-type applications available online some are quite useful. Give them a try.

Open Source Office - Free

Open Office is a free office clone that works and is easy to use. It is quite compatible with Office 2003.