Monday, December 1, 2008

A Vista Solution

One problem that I have had with Window's Vista OS is that software publishers do not create installers that are Vista compatible. That means that programs don't install correctly and then, don't uninstall. This leaves pieces of programs all over the computer, especially in the registry.

One of my Vista machines has had several programs that just would not uninstall. What to do? Yesterday I did a search on this problem and I found a new tool for users that will uninstall completely. It is easy to use and best of all, there is a portable version that you can use with no installation and even on a portable drive or flash drive.

It is called Revounistaller and is freeware!

Monday, October 27, 2008

On The Road!

We will be traveling to Israel this week. If you want to follow us, and if I have time to blog, check out:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Blogger in Draft

If you have blogged for a while and with to experiment with some new "stuff" why not try Blogger in Draft.

Just log into blogger with to see it. This is where the smart people who work on the blogger software experiment and have fun. For more info go to the Blogger in Draft info page.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meca Presentation

Links to note:

Here is another public presentation on Web 2 from a poster at Slikeboom named Anarchyandy. No, I don't pal around with anarchists but it is a great presentation!

If you have blogged for a while and with to experiment with some new "stuff" why not try Blogger in Draft.
Just log into blogger with to see it. This is where the smart people who work on the blogger software experiment and have fun. For more info go to the Blogger in Draft info page.

Friday, October 10, 2008

MECA ReBorn Join US!

MECA Meeting Schedule:

Join us from 8:30—9:00AM for coffee, juice, treats and conbersationSaturday, October 18th, 2008 (Newsletter and directions)

personalized greetings
Session I: 9:00—10:00
  • “Managing Digital Photos / Slide- Shows“ – learn how to organize your pictures with Louis Loeffler Web 2.0 applications allow you to share, edit and create pictures. This workshop will discuss photo sharing with Flickr, Image Editors as well as Visual Literacy and 21st Century Skills.
  • “What is all this Web 2 Fuss?” with John Sklar Is Web 2.0 something educator’s should look at? Anyone can BLOG right now. We will create a blog and update a new MECA Blog.
10:05-10:35—Gathering and discussion. Please join us for a general Q & A about MECA and Web 2.0.

Session II: 10:45—11:45
  • “Internet and Technology Projects That Support Differentiated Instruction." with Lisa Gokey Are you wondering what you can do to incorporate technology into your differentiated classroom? We'll discover Internet resources that offer independent, self-guided learning for students of all abilities and learning styles.
  • “Wikis and Other Web 2.0 Delights” with Jim Kasum Web 2.0 is all about collaboration and sharing. Wikis and other tools are simple to use and, in many cases, free to use. Come and see how to build and use a wiki along with, time permitting, other tools for conferencing, meeting and collaboration.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Class 5 & 6 Resources

Use the button on the left to access the files for the last 2 classes. If you have any problem getting the files please contact me ASAP.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Class 4 - Resources

Please click on the 516 files button on the left to access the files for class.
Dr. Jim Kasum will be filling in for me tonight. I know you will enjoy the time with him.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thanks to the Stritch Network Folks....

I asked the Stritch Network techs to set up the web server so that it would allow the direct download of .java files. It is done and works. Starting today you will be able to download or directly open .java files from the web. This will make it much easier to use the files from the website.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Study Team Logs - CEDu516

Use this button to fill out the study team form. Print before submit to keep a copy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

September 15th CEdu516

In a small group, i.e. 2 or three at the most, please complete exercise 4.12 on page 83 and 84.

The file you need, is on the file site. Use the button on the left and go to class2 folder. Be sure to take the .txt off the file or just paste the text into jgrasp.

This is should not take more than a few minutes, ok, 15 minutes.

Then I will talk about what you have done. DO NOT PRINT OUT THE RESULT, just show it to me. (And save them!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Changing a Foreground color:

After a little research, I found how to change the foreground color in a JLabel and therefore in the content pane of the kinds of applications we are writing. (Thanks Stephen)

You need to set the Opaqity or opaqueness of the label to change the forground. Note lines 13, 29 and 30 below:

1 // RedText

2 import java.awt.*;

3 import javax.swing.*;


5 public class RedText extends JFrame

6 {

7 private JLabel aLabel; // JLabel that displays text


9 // no-argument constructor

10 public RedText()

11 {

12 // get content pane and set layout to null

13 Container contentPane = getContentPane();

14 contentPane.setBackground( Color.LIGHT_GRAY );

15 contentPane.setLayout( null );


17 // set properties of application's window

18 setTitle( "REDText Demo" ); // set title bar string

19 setSize( 608, 143 ); // set width and height of JFrame

20 setVisible( true ); // display JFrame on screen


22 // set up aLabel

23 aLabel = new JLabel();

24 aLabel.setText( "I am red text on light gray!!" );

25 aLabel.setLocation( 30, 0 );

26 aLabel.setSize( 550, 88 );

27 aLabel.setFont( new Font( "Serif", Font.PLAIN, 36 ) );

28 aLabel.setHorizontalAlignment( JLabel.CENTER );

29 aLabel.setOpaque(false);

30 aLabel.setForeground(Color.RED);

31 contentPane.add( aLabel );

32 }


34 // main method

35 public static void main( String[] args )

36 {

37 RedText application = new RedText();

38 application.setDefaultCloseOperation( JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE );


40 } // end method main


42 } // end class RedText

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Accessing Files For Class

When accessing files from the CEd ftp site, using the button below, please note the directions below the button:

I've added a .txt to all the java files on this site. Right click on the file you want, choose "save target as" from the menu and then drop the .txt off to use the file on your computer.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

CEd 516 - Programming in Java

We will be meeting in Ed101 - From 5 to 9 on Mondays until October 13.
This is in the ED building.

Textbook:Simply Java Programming, (Deitel, Deitel, Listfield, Yaeger, Zhang) Prentice Hall Publisher – Upper Saddle River, New Jersey ISBN: 0 – 13 – 142648-6

Links to booksellers: (None of these are endorsed or tested)

Save Money on Textbooks - from the folks at Dealnews

Course Syllabus (As a Google Doc)

Read this document on Scribd: CEd516 SYL Fall 2008

Here are the .java files for testing your system. (Cut and paste them into jgrasp or your editor)

// a very simple program

// use this to make sure your equipment is

// set up right for command line use

// Written by John Sklar for CEd516


public class test_console


public static void main (String args[])


System.out.println("Is this in the command window?");



 // a very simple program

// use this to make sure your equipment is

// set up right

// Written by John Sklar for CEd516


import javax.swing.*;

public class test_setup


public static void main (String args[])


JOptionPane.showMessageDialog( null,

"Testing 1 2 3...",

"This is just a test",




Friday, August 8, 2008

Social Networking & DOPA

Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006 (DOPA) is a bill (H.R. 5319) brought before the United States House of Representatives on May 9, 2006 by Republican Pennsylvania Representative (R-PA) Mike Fitzpatrick. The bill, if enacted, would amend the Communications Act of 1934, requiring schools and libraries that receive E-rate funding to protect minors from online predators in the absence of parental supervision when using "Commercial Social Networking Websites" and "Chat Rooms". The bill would prohibit schools and libraries from providing access to these types of websites to minors. The bill also would require the institutions to be capable of disabling the restrictions for "use by an adult or by minors with adult supervision to enable access for educational purposes."

The bill is considered controversial because according to its critics the bill could limit access to a wide range of websites, including many with harmless and educational material. Arguments for the bill focus on the fear of adults contacting children on MySpace and similar websites. Many Internet websites, however (ranging from Yahoo to Slashdot to, allow user accounts, public profiles, and user forums, in accord with the bill's definition of "social networking". The bill places the onus upon the Federal Communications Commission to provide clarification.

My daughter pointed out this interesting article on Social networking. Certainly worth a read maybe more action in terms of curriculum...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome to Sally Ride Academy '08

Note: I started blogging last year just in time for Sally Ride. Here is a link to that post, with some cool resources.

This week we will be looking at Office style applications and how they can be used effectively by students and teachers. This blog will provide you with links to the resources we use in class. I will be able to update it during class and you will be able to refer to it during and after class is over.


Read or print this document online from Scribd, a free service that allows you to place documents in iPaper format and store them online for blogs or other online access.

Project Descriptions:

Read this document on Scribd: Project descriptions08


First a little background:

Click the link below and download the file as a text file. You will need to use the file to use for Wednesday's activity.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sally Ride - July 14, 2008

Thinkfree is an online office app and here is a pep talk about online apps you can look at: Use Online Apps (From Thinkfree) Getting started with Web 2.0:

Here are some interesting Web 2.0 links:

What's an application? Where does collaboration and composition collide? Why use online apps?

Using Google Docs - An Adobe Publication Google Docs Help Google docs on iPaper ( I didn't write this or endorse it but it seems complete)

Read this document on Scribd: HOWTO use google docs

Use Online Apps (From Thinkfree)
Here is a google doc with our Class activity

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Please Try My Embeded Form:

Here is the spreadsheet that is fed from this form. Fill it out then go look at the spreadsheet.

Class 6 - Resources

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alternate Directions To Oconomowoc

From Juli Garton:

Just a friendly reminder that our class tonight begins at 5:00 PM which is 15 minute earlier and will end at 9:00 PM.

Meet in room 213 of the Oconomowoc High School, 641 Forest Hill Rd.

Below is an alternative for folks traveling West from Milwaukee if I-94 is closed at Delafield.

Take I-94 and at Pewaukee
Exit Hwy 16
Take Hwy 16 towards Oconomowoc
Before the construction Exit Hwy 67 South (not North)
You will go over Hwy 16 and immediately turn RIGHT after the bridge on Armour Rd *
Turn left onto Summit
Turn right onto Forest Hill Rd – see sign for high school
Left onto Stadium Drive

Drive past the entrance which is near the Gymnasium and PARK please.

Room 213 is on the second floor and on the East side of the school. We took the elevator, but you can take the stairs that require you to walk up and then down ½ a flight to get to room 213. I will be on hand to help you find the room.

High School staff warned me that the lab gets warm with all the computers turned on, but today I would expect it to be comfortable based on the nice weather.

The trip from Madison may take a little more time – I understand that I-94 is closed. Last Saturday, Hwy 18 was also closed in one place, Hwy B and Hwy 16 had closures. Good luck on your drive.

* If you go to far and miss Armour – you will turn right at Summit and then left at Forest Hill and left at Stadium Dr.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Class 4 - Resources

Here is a Presentation on CSS

Basic Style Demonstration files:

  1. Simple Style Sheets (Internal and External)
  2. Styles using Simple Tables
  3. Boxes and Heading (Not used in class)

CSS in Blogs?

Here is a normal large Heading:

Here it is with style!

The normal Code:
<div align="center"><em><strong><span >Here is a normal large Heading:</span></strong></em></div>

The Styled Code:
<div style = "border:thick black solid; background-color:silver;text-align:center;padding: 10px; font-size:280%;"><em><strong>Here it is with style!</strong></em></div>

The Main problem is that each time you view the preview or post, blogger changes the code to "their"standard. It looks the same but may be more complicated.

Thanks to Ben Suter for the character converter. Check out his other tools.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Class 3 - Materials

A few quick shots:

To change the background image for a whole document:

<body style="background-image:url('blueswatch.gif');">

To change the font for a whole document put this line after the body tag:

<div style="FONT-family:times; font-size:18pt;color:white;">

A font-family is a prioritized list of font family names and/or generic family names . The browser will use the first value it recognizes so be sure to include enough description.

There are two types of font-family values:

  • family-name: The name of a font-family, like "times", "courier", "arial"

  • generic-family: The name of a generic-family, like "serif", "sans-serif", "cursive", "fantasy", "monospace".

Always offer a generic-family name as the last alternative.

Note: If a family-name contains white-space, it should be single-quoted.

<div style="FONT-family: ‘Comic Sans MS’,cursive; font-size:18pt;color:white;">

The line above will display Comic Sans or another cursive font if it is not available

To set the color and behavior of links in HTML


In the head of your page put code like this to get white links, no underline and a change when the mouse is over them. When visited the link will turn red and when hovering the link will turn green. It will turn white after you click before the new page loads.


<style type="text/css">

a:link {color:White;text-decoration:none;}

a:visited {color:red;text-decoration:none;}

a:hover {color: green;text-decoration:none;}

a:active {color:white;text-decoration:none;}



Thursday, May 22, 2008

So Why The Same Graphic Twice?

This is a link to [533] Resources!
Yesterday I posted an image that was made with ButtonShop3. When I got to class last night it didn't show up. Why? I'm not sure. The computers in the classroom were Macs. The format of the graphic in yesterday's post was png, i.e. portable network graphic. This one is a simple jpg.
Can you see the difference? The jpg is 4 kb and the png is 24 kb, is the png file six times better. I won't use png's any more.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CEd 533 - Resources

There should [533] button here! So where do you get a cool button? will help you with the button or... you can buy a program that will do it.
The button above was made with ButtonShop3 from Kristanix software. Today, May 21, 2008 it is the GiveAway of the day. Check it out

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CEd 533 - Class 2

FTP - Oconomowoc
is very important. You can do it from any computer that is on the internet, if the isp allows. You need software. I created an installer for a free, portable ftp client that you can use.

Go to this link:

IMPORTANT: Right click on the installfilezilla.txt file and select save Target As...
Change the filename to installfilezilla.exe (be sure you know where it is saved!)
All you need to do is double-click on this file and follow the directions. Don't
forget to provide a folder name, say "filezilla" on the drive you want to
install to. This can be a flash/pen/usb drive of your choice.

So why do we need to do this filename dance? Because the server won't let us download an executable file.

Read this doc on Scribd: Using FileZilla Portable

In Greendale we will be using FireFTP. An ftp program that runs within Firefox.

Read this doc on Scribd: FireFTP 0

Why HTML by hand?

Now that you know a little HTML you may want to try an editor. It will write the code for you and make life a little easier. It is not cheating, using tools is what makes human intelligence different from animal intelligence.

There are lots of tools out there and many of them are free. If you Google the topic you will find a lot of great editors. Try this
list for starters.

I like Nvu It is free and still being developed. There is even a successor on the horizon an
d it may be released soon. There is talk that it may work inside FireFox. This would make it really neat. As of now it just works for us as an editor. We will still have to upload the results. Click on the logo on the right to go to their website.

Here are the presentations for this week about web languages:

Here is a presentation on graphics:

And finally on Linking pages: (This is very important)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

CEd 533 - Class 1 - Resources

Please fill out this form for me so that I have up to date information about each of you.

Study team logs will be done with a Google Form that Louis assembled and I modified slightly. [Click to fill out this Study Team Form]

Here is the presentation on the History of the Internet. (via Slideboom)

Here is the 1st night Handout: (Via Scribd)

Read this doc on Scribd: makeapage06

Monday, April 28, 2008

CEdu 533 - How the Web Works

This course examines the origins, history and evolution of the Internet and World Wide Web. Students develop skills in page design concepts, simple html, including the basic use of Javascript and Java applets. Students also investigate page production tools, development of web-based content, content management systems, on-line web applications and curricular examples. 3 graduate credits.

  • Greendale Middle School – AMEC-AA-0024
    Greendale: May 14, 21, 28; June 4, 11, 18 - 5:00 - 9:00 PM

  • Summit Elementary (Oconomowoc) – AAMEC-AA0023
    Oconomowoc: May 13, 20, 27; June 17, 24; July 1 - 5:15 - 9:15 PM

    Documents you might want to use:

  • Course Syllabus: Greendale and Oconomowoc

  • Assignment 3:

  • Using FireFtp with FireFox

  • Glossary of Terms (PowerPoint, not used in class)

Lots of web resources specifically for this course:

We will be doing ftp, file transfer protoco, during this course. You will need an ftp client for your computer. If you don't already use one, i.e you are not a complete geek, I have created a portable ftp client setup for you. You can download it now and install it to your USB or Pen drive or wait and do it in class. A pen drive will be useful.

Go to this link:

IMPORTANT: Right click on the installfilezilla.txt file and select save Target As...

Change the filename to installfilezilla.exe (be sure you know where it is saved!)

All you need to do is double-click on this file and follow the directions.

So why do we need to do this filename dance? Because the server won't let us download an executable file.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sally Ride - Excel Class - April 16, 2008

Welcome to class. I hope that you will enjoy yourself and learn a lot about Excel and spreadsheets. Don't hesitate to email me with questions.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome WCSS Participants 4/1/2008

Presentation from WCSS - Jim, John and Web 2.0 - Flash needed, this is a large file, give it time to load.

Same Presentation via slideboom - Fast and easy to use. Give Slideboom a try.

Handout with Hot links!
Make a comment on our WCSS writeboard (Password:WCSS)

My Daughter blogs almost daily and does some interesting things. She started blogging before I did. She uses her blogs to communicate with her congregation, students and she makes new friends. When she was in Israel last month, she took a side trip to deliver a prize that one of her blog readers had one on her blog.

Here are sites she thought you might find interesting and useful as you learn to blog:

  • Blogging Basics 101
  • Tips for making your blog read
  • When you spouse is blogging too much
  • Five things every blogger should know.
  • An HTML converter
  • Suggested blog content
  • Kids are living online
  • Tuesday, March 4, 2008

    Harambee Tech-tune Up

    The History of Desk Top Publishing! (Short Version)

    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    MessMer High School - Tech Fest

    Links from my Keynote on February 25, 2008:

    Post your tech integration ideas at:

    Messmer Tech Ideas -

    password is messmer

    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    SOE Meeting February 22, 2008

    personalized greetings



    Press the button in the upper right corner to view full screen
    Links to note: 

    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    Take A Look At This:

    Common PowerPoint Errors Exposed:

    What's in store for us:

    You can check out more videos for the classroom at: