Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can I take a Post Back?

About a year ago I did a post about a new printer. I was pretty excited about a wireless printer that installed itself and had an email address of its own. Wow, I could email documents to the printer no matter where I was and it would print out and be there when I got home.

The quality of the printing was excellent and I printed a lot of very nice snapshots and other documents. Worked great for a while and then one day my computer couldn't find it... I could see it but the computer drivers were taking a break, I guess, and I need to do a complete uninstall and reinstall of the HP software. HP product software is the very definition of "bloatware" I guess that's not a big deal until the third or fourth time you do the uninstall/reinstall thing for no reason at all.

This is a common problem with these printers but HP does not address it, they just offer a discount on ink and free shipping....  

Then there is the way it uses ink. The cartridges seem to empty automatically. i.e. not just while you are using it. The ink costs a fortune and seemed to always need replacement. I knew that inkjet printers were expensive but this was ridiculous. 

I finally decided to use up the ink and dump the thing. In the middle of my wait HP sent me an email saying that I hadn't used the email printing feature in a long time and I should try it again. Of course, I did and it didn't work.

That's right, I have three little brothers on my desk!
So today I gave up and installed a new printer. A Brother MFC-J825DW. Very easy installation it seems to work great. I'll let you know after I get to know it a little better.

BTW:I turned it on, used the tiny touch screen to configure my network SSID and it immediately was able to print from my iPhone and iPad. I can even scan from the IOS devices and have the files printed or saved to an SD card in the printer. Pretty cool.