Thursday, February 19, 2009

CSI - Milwaukee

Welcome, I have assembled some materials that you might want to review after we are done or share with colleagues and students. These will be here because blogs don't go away. In fact, you can look back to July of 2008 when I did a presentation much like this. I recycled some of the materials and added a few new pieces.

Here is a flash version of my presentation:

Thinkfree is an online office app and here is a pep talk about online apps you can look at: Use Online Apps (From Thinkfree) Getting started with Web 2.0:

Here are some interesting Web 2.0 links:

What's an application? Where does collaboration and composition collide? Why use online apps?

Using Google Docs - An Adobe Publication which is a tutorial of sorts and quite professional.

Another Google app is the Google Notebook. I put one together, for you about Jewish Blog Sites.

Phyllis, my daughter and favorite rabbi, said I should include two additional items:
So does one keep track of all these great blogs? Here is a video that will describe a program, Web 2.0 App that will organize this for you.

Need a nice description of Social Media? Try this!