Monday, June 25, 2012

Help Us With This Project...

I'm never sure how many people read my blog. That's what you get for blogging infrequently.
My grandson, Sam, is in the fight against AML (leukemia). He is at Children's in Milwaukee. My daughter, the blogger rabbi, started a blog so that family and friends could keep tabs on Sam's progress.
He needs to know how many friends he has. My daughter started a photo project just to show him. Already his room is papered with pictures from around the country. 
His blog is: Below I have a repost of her call and challenge to friends around the world for support. It started when he questioned just how many people were in his corner and wanted to support him. 
Would you like to help show Sam how many Super People are supporting him? Join his team! And keep Sam in your prayers*
A family portrait I never would have imagined...

Take a photograph of yourself wearing your favorite superhero shirt 
(or holding up their logo...or just smiling!)
Print out the picture.
Put it in an envelope and mail it to:
Sam Sommer, E571
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
P.O. Box 1997
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1997
We will hang all the pictures on Sam's wall...Team Superman Sam! 

*(And I know that many of you are not Jewish, and your prayers are just as important and precious to me - God hears us, however we pray. And let me tell you - we will take all the praying we can get!)