Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Netbook Runs Windows 7!

A couple of weeks ago I put Windows 7 on my Acer Aspire One. The process was actually pretty simple. I just followed the directions I found at a blog, Into Windows . The directions were clean and direct. I used a portable USB 60 gig hard drive that I loaded with the Windows 7 files on another Windows 7 computer. I had tried to do this with a Vista based computer but it didn't work until I was able to do it on a Windows 7 machine.

The upgrade was easy and all the functions worked as I used them. That is, when I inserted an SD card the SD card drivers loaded, when I tried to use the wireless, then the proper drivers loaded. After rebooting a couple of times, the computer worked perfectly.

One problem I had was that I assumed that all my programs and files would be removed during the installation. On the contrary, they were all placed in a folder, Windows.old. The program files were useless, just taking up space the data files were there but not where I wanted them. My solution would be to uninstall all programs and archive all files then install when XP is as clean as you can make it.

Is it worth the effort?

My Acer was running Windows XP before the upgrade and I am very pleased. The positives are pretty easy to see.
  • Networking is easier and it finds the network faster
  • It is easier to share files, including music and pictures on my home network
  • The machine seems faster both in booting and while running.
  • Windows 7 seems to take better advantage of the meager processor in the Aspire One
Windows 7 works great. I like it better than Vista. It seems faster and has several new convienince features that are worth looking at. All in all I am pleased with the upgrade.

BTW: If you are a student you can get the upgrade for about $30
Not being a student I bought a 3 pack from Costco.com for just a bit more than that. The three packs include upgrades for both 32 and 64bit versions. I believe you can do a clean install or an upgrade with these upgrade packs but please don't quote me.