Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wow, do I love to read...

When I retired a few years ago my daughter suggested a couple of books to me, thinking that I would have more time to read without the bother of working. (Its not that I have anything against working, I think its good for many people to have activities that keep them busy and avoiding poverty.)

She got me started and this year I decided to keep track of what books I've read. There is a list on the left, sidebar, of my blog. Anyone looking at it might wonder why I've settled on Stuart Woods for the last couple of months. I simply like his characters and "Stone Barrington" is main character in this series in particular. He reminds me of those old New York detective movies from the thirties and forties where the main character wears a dinner jacket each night and finds beautiful women in a posh New York night spot.

So if you follow my reading list, you will be happy to know that the Stone Barrington series will soon end, at about 25 novels. It appears that Stuart Woods is prolific and Stone seems to be aging nicely so we will see what other books he writes with him as the main character.

BTW: I think Lee Child might be next. Any suggestions?