Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CEd 533 - Class 2

FTP - Oconomowoc
is very important. You can do it from any computer that is on the internet, if the isp allows. You need software. I created an installer for a free, portable ftp client that you can use.

Go to this link:

IMPORTANT: Right click on the installfilezilla.txt file and select save Target As...
Change the filename to installfilezilla.exe (be sure you know where it is saved!)
All you need to do is double-click on this file and follow the directions. Don't
forget to provide a folder name, say "filezilla" on the drive you want to
install to. This can be a flash/pen/usb drive of your choice.

So why do we need to do this filename dance? Because the server won't let us download an executable file.

Read this doc on Scribd: Using FileZilla Portable

In Greendale we will be using FireFTP. An ftp program that runs within Firefox.

Read this doc on Scribd: FireFTP 0

Why HTML by hand?

Now that you know a little HTML you may want to try an editor. It will write the code for you and make life a little easier. It is not cheating, using tools is what makes human intelligence different from animal intelligence.

There are lots of tools out there and many of them are free. If you Google the topic you will find a lot of great editors. Try this
list for starters.

I like Nvu It is free and still being developed. There is even a successor on the horizon an
d it may be released soon. There is talk that it may work inside FireFox. This would make it really neat. As of now it just works for us as an editor. We will still have to upload the results. Click on the logo on the right to go to their website.

Here are the presentations for this week about web languages:

Here is a presentation on graphics:

And finally on Linking pages: (This is very important)

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