Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Death of FlashDrives....

I saw some pretty good deals on flash drives in the past few days. You know, those little devices that we all started to use when floppies became hopelessly small for the documents we wanted to move around.
The first time I actually got a flash drive was at a product demo for a computer maker. It was about a decade ago. It was a tiny little thing that had the companies catalog on it. I promptly erased it and used the little thing to transport files from work to home and home to work.
That little thing was about 64kb or about an eighth of a gig. On my desk today I have several 8 gig drives, one of which will actually boot to linux.
Alas, these will probably become collector's items too. With cloud computing it seems that we no longer need "hard" storage as much as we need "cloud" storage.

Click to create your Dropbox and increase my storage
Dropbox is a service that provides cloud storage. Using a small program on your computer, Mac, or PC, it allow you to store files in the clouds and get them back from any computer that has an internet connection.
There is also the capability to make folder public, share them with specific people and best of all, share them with your Ipad or Ipod.

That's right, there is an app for that! The dropbox app is a super way to move things around. Music, pictures, ebooks either MOBI or epub and any other files that you own and want to share with friends or move from your computer to your Ipad. For example, if you have a pdf that you want on your Ipad and you want to share with friends or co-workers, just put it in your dropbox, notify your friends and fire up your Ipad's dropbox app. The file will soon appear in the dropbox app and prompt you to select an app to read the file in. (pdf's can be read the most ebook reader apps, but that is another post.)

(Disclaimer: If you click the graphic or link above to create your own Dropbox, it will increase my storage. Its a perk for getting people interested. )

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