Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Think about this for a few minutes...

Two articles caught my attention yesterday. Oddly they made me think of a teary time I had in the Jewish section of Rome. I saw children playing and wondered how many were lost during the war. After reading these two articles my thoughts turned to how many ideas were lost and what the world might be like today if the holocaust had not happened.

Miep Gies, Protector of Anne Frank, Dies at 100

By RICHARD GOLDSTEIN - Published: January 12, 2010
Mrs. Gies was the last survivor among Anne Frank’s protectors and the woman who preserved her diary.

The Tel Aviv Cluster By  Op-Ed Columnist DAVID BROOKS
Published: January 12, 2010
Israelis’ embrace of technology and commerce has had a desultory effect on the nation’s public life, but an invigorating one on its economy.

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