Friday, October 19, 2007

Sally Ride Tech-Tune UP

-- Harambee Community School
Welcome to this Tech Tune-Up Workshop!

Here is a place to get files that you can use as part of this workshop.

  1. School Supply List -- or type it in yourself.
  2. harambee text file. -- a text file that you can use instead of typing in a lot of text.
  3. quiz.txt -- needed in the form making section.

Here are websites that I am sure to mention:

  • Snag-it -- for creating screenshots.
  • Word Templates -- from Microsoft
  • PDF files of workshop handouts -- Feel free to use these but don't change them. I'd also like credit for them.

My personal Websites:

  • Road Runner -

  • Need to contact me? Best way is by email:



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